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               This is 100 Hour Course.

               course Meets 9am to 6pm

               Monday thru Saturday

Registration Requirements: Must complete Academy Application to be considerd. Must be at least 18 yeaars of age. Must take a recommended Bloodborne Pathogens online course prior to starting. Must get a tattoo license by the Florida Department of Health.

Supplies: Each student will receive a Full kit with machine, pigments, needles and anesthesia. Kit may service up to 100 Clients



  • Must complete an academy APPLICATION to be considered.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must take a recommended Bloodborne Pathogens online course prior to starting.

  • Must Get Body Art License in county where service will be performed.

  • Must attain a body art license  to practice on live models during training. Instructor will demonstrate guideline on live model and student will be graded on 2 live models.

  • Must know the laws and rules of your county and state before completing payment for training. It is YOUR responsiblity to check the legalities of your local and state government entities for permanent makeup which is consdidered as tattooing.

. Introduction to Permanent Makeup

      A. History of Permanent Makeup within the Tattoo Industry

      B.  Overview of the different types of Machines & Devices


II. Consultation

      A. Client Profile/Cleint

          !. Analyze character of client and client selection

          2. Client Expectations

          3.  Discuss overall aspects of permanent makeup

      B. Client History/ Client Information

          1. Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics

          2. Determine when physician review is advised

      C. Consent Forms

          1. Discuss Informed Consent

          2. Liability Issues

III.  Official Setp Up

       A. Physial Setting

           1. General Equipment

           2. Table, Chair, Work, Surface, lighting

        B. Building Codes

IV.  Disinfection & Sterilization

       A. Equipment

           1. Discuss acceptable forms of sterilization

           2. Disinfectants and Antiseptics

        B. OSHA & CDC Guidelines regarding Bloodborne Pathogens

        C. Technician Safety

            1. Hand Washing

            2. Hepatitis B Vacciation

            3. Gloves

        D. Proper handling of devices, needles and pigments

        E. Sanitary Measures during Procedure Set-up

        F. Sanitary Measure during Procedure Clean-Up

V.   Client Preperation

        A. Pre Procedure Care

            1. Preparing the clients skin

            2. Ways of Marking Skin

        B. Anesthetics and Physican Relationships

VI. Color and Pigment Theory

        A. Knowledge & Use

        B. Pigments

            1. Preparation & Mixing

            2. Storage

VII. Skin Anatomy

        A. Composition Layers 

        B. Heaing Process of skin and its cures

        C. Disease disorders and conditions

            1. Infection

            2. Herpes

            3. Moles, Warts, Freckles

            4. Psoriasis, eczema

            5. Reactions

VIII. Machine Theory

        A. Reiew Machine (device) for technical aspects

            1. Operation & Maintenance

            2. Use of Speed Pressure Angle

            3. Trouble Shooting

        B. Evaluate capabilities of device

        C. Only one type of device will be taught at fundamental level

IX.  Needles

         A. Appropiate Needle selection and applications

             1. Groups, Numbers configurations

         B. How mechanically used in the skin

         C. Maintenance

             1. Check for damage

             2. Storage and Disposable

             e. Preparation for Sterilization of needles & equipment                                         

X.  Photography

         A. Rationale

         B. Equipment & Methods

             1. Clarity

             2. Presentation

XI.  Aftercare

          A. Client Follow Up

          B. Forms & Instructions to provide

XII. Procedure- Experience

         Complete Two of each procedures:

          eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and beauty marks

           A. Review Issues, Discuss

                1. Facial Morphology

                2. Variations

            B. Work on Practice Skin

            C. Observe Procedures

            D. Hands On Live Model Work

XIII. Business Set up

             A. Basic Business and marketing Guide

             B. Legal Requirements

             C. Insurance Liabilities



  • Flirt & Flutter strives to provide the best quality education possible. In order to service serious students we do not provide any refund once payments for any courses have been made. We are flexible in working with our students in the event of emergencies. Student is able to reschedule up 2 times within 1 year from the date of original sign up course. All courses, payments and fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Elleebana Lash Lift Evolved 1 Day Training

Elleebana Lash Lift Evolved 1 Day Training

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