Congratulations on your decision to get trained by one of the most innovative beauty companies in America. The Florida Department of Health has approved Flirt & Flutter Makeup Academy as a licensed facility to teach future permanent makeup  and tattoo artist. Below you will find a list of courses that we provide but you will need to meet certain requirements in regards to practicing on a live model when attending your training course. The following requirements must be fulfilled to be considered for training.


If you attend Flirt & Flutter Makeup Academy in Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia or New York you must be registered with the Miami/Dade County Health Department or any Training Tour City (County Health Department that class will be given in order to work on live models during your training. This is MANDATORY.


If you attend a Training Tour Workshop you must register with the county that you will be doing services in. Do your research on knowing your state and county legalities before registering. We only provide certification, not licensing. That is done by a government agency.


To meet the requirements for registration with the Miami/Dade County Health Department to perform permanent makeup/tattoo during your training, you will need to complete a bloodborne pathogens course for Miami/Dade. Each state/county is different, so although you may have one for your state you will need to complete a BBP certification course for Miami/Dade County Health Department.


The Miami/Dade Health Department has approved the following online courses for you to take:


Bilogix Solutions LLC. Available online 24/7

Course Fee: $55

Duration: 3 hours

Instant access after course sign up. Florida Mandated. Student verification system used. Online independent study course. Requires a computer and internet access. 

Email: admin@blxtraining.com or Biologix.solutions@gmail.com


The course you will choose on the site is listed as the Florida Or Miami course. If you are taking a course in a city listed on our Training Tour, please choose that course. Once you pay for the course the name on the credit card must match the name of the student who is taking the course, otherwise your certification will not be valid.


You Must Email the Following Upon Completion of the course:


A copy of your government issued id to prove you are at least 18 or older

Completed Application for Florida Tattoo Artist License Click Here

A passport size photo. You can also email a passport photo that is in a square format and in front of a clean, preferably white background.


We wish you the best and if you have any questions or concerns please email us at info@flirtnfluttermakeupacademy.com



- WInter Training Tour Special is = $1850 Must book before 21 days prior to your training start date. Regular price is $2450. Sign up today! Remember, "WE GIVE YOU MORE!" our courses come with a professional kit, machine and certificate of completion



November 11-12, 2019 Brooklyn, New York

December 8-9, 2019 Brooklyn, New York

January 5-6, 2019 Miami, Florida

January 12-13, 2019 Atlanta, Georgia

january 19-20, 2019 Long Island, New York

Please inquire about Private Training Dates to suit your schedule needs if these dates do not work for you.



Private Classes may be booked in our Atlanta, Miami or New York location at no additional cost if you need different dates than the scheduled training courses. Please call 888-378-5188 to check the avai

lability of the instructor's schedules.




DURATION:   3  Days

                   1 Day Online Home Pre-Study Course (Bloodborne Pathogen, Training Study Materials)       

                   Must be Completed Prior Clinicals

                   2 Days of Clinicals (11am to 5pm 1st Day: 9am to 5pm) 

                   1 Day of Color Correction Clinical (up to 3 hours depending on class size) May be given 60 to 90 days later or after the student complete 20 Microblading case studies. Which ever comes first. Student has up to 1 year to complete the color correction part of the course. Student may take the course in any state that Flirt & Flutter offers training. Student may also be  be given via Live Stream Course at Insructor's Approval. It is suggested that all students return for color correction to ensure their success in the industy

Private Courses may be given individually if you do not learn well in group settings. This course is not recommended for those that have not had any experience in the beauty industry,  cosmetic tattooing or with eyebrow shaping. It is recommended you take the Microblading from A-Z course (5 Days) Please call for private course pricing information. 888-378-5188







Must complete an ACADEMY APPLICATION to be considered.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Must have completed a Fundamental Permanent Makeup Course to be considered or be a licensed beauty professional, nurse, tattoo artist, cosmetologist, nail tech or makep artist.

Must complete a Eyebrow Shaping Course

Must take a recommended Bloodborne Pathogens online course prior to starting Hands On Clinical.

Must Get Body Art License in county where service will be performed.

Must have a computer or tablet to attend training

Must have basic computer skills.

Flirt & Flutter Courses are very hi-tech and we send quite a bit of information via Dropbox. Please download Dropbox and create an account.

Must attain a body art license to practice on live models during training. Instructor will doa demonstration on live model as a guideline to follow.

Must know the laws and rules of your county and state before completing payment for training. It is YOUR responsiblity to check the legalities of your local and state government entities for permanent makeup which is consdidered as tattooing.

What is Covered?

• Health & Safety 
• Structure of Skin 
• Brow shapes 
• Skin Diseases & Disorders 
• Client Consultation/Client Assessment
• Different microblades and when they might be used 
• Reasons for clients wanting eyebrow embroidery 
• Setting up for treatment and preparing the client 
• Treatment Plans 
• Performing the treatment
practice on Real Live Model(s) (You Bring),  Practice Pad or Latex Doll in order to perform the correct strokes pattern 

• Aftercare 

Comes with a complete that services up to 150 clients. Additional Products may be ordered from our online store once you receive certification.

Our comprehensive training manual will be received on the day of training. 
It will be a fab reference guide for you to use once your training has finished. 


Supplies & Equipment

50 disposable blades/Needle (sterilized by gamma rays)

1 Microblading Pens

7 F&F Brow Micropigmentation Brow Pigments

2 Practice Skins

1 Hair Stroke Practice Booklet

1 White Pencil

1 Black Cosmetic Art Pencil

1 Brown Cosmetic Art Pencil

1 Training Manual Presentation via Drop Box

1 Certificate of Completion


Do Your Research! We are one of the few companies that offers tons of TOOLS OF THE TRADE. Make a comparison to our kit versus others and you will find that we include more bang for your buck!








               This is 4 Day Course.

               Course Meets 9am to 4pm Sunday-Thursday



Registration Requirements: Must complete Academy Application to be considerd. Must be at least 18 yeaars of age. Must take a recommended Bloodborne Pathogens online course prior to starting. Must get a tattoo license by the Florida Department of Health and  New York City Department of Health to work on live models.

Supplies: Each student will receive a Full kit with machine, pigments, needles and anesthesia. Kit may service up to 100 Clients



  • Must complete an academy APPLICATION to be considered.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must take a recommended Bloodborne Pathogens online course prior to starting.

  • Must Get Body Art License in county where service will be performed.

  • Must attain a body art license  to practice on live models during training. Instructor will demonstrate guideline on live model and student will be graded on 2 live models.

  • Must know the laws and rules of your county and state before completing payment for training. It is YOUR responsiblity to check the legalities of your local and state government entities for permanent makeup which is consdidered as tattooing.

. Introduction to Permanent Makeup

      A. History of Permanent Makeup within the Tattoo Industry

      B.  Overview of the different types of Machines & Devices


II. Consultation

      A. Client Profile/Cleint

          !. Analyze character of client and client selection

          2. Client Expectations

          3.  Discuss overall aspects of permanent makeup

      B. Client History/ Client Information

          1. Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics

          2. Determine when physician review is advised

      C. Consent Forms

          1. Discuss Informed Consent

          2. Liability Issues

III.  Official Setp Up

       A. Physial Setting

           1. General Equipment

           2. Table, Chair, Work, Surface, lighting

        B. Building Codes

IV.  Disinfection & Sterilization

       A. Equipment

           1. Discuss acceptable forms of sterilization

           2. Disinfectants and Antiseptics

        B. OSHA & CDC Guidelines regarding Bloodborne Pathogens

        C. Technician Safety

            1. Hand Washing

            2. Hepatitis B Vacciation

            3. Gloves

        D. Proper handling of devices, needles and pigments

        E. Sanitary Measures during Procedure Set-up

        F. Sanitary Measure during Procedure Clean-Up

V.   Client Preperation

        A. Pre Procedure Care

            1. Preparing the clients skin

            2. Ways of Marking Skin

        B. Anesthetics and Physican Relationships

VI. Color and Pigment Theory

        A. Knowledge & Use

        B. Pigments

            1. Preparation & Mixing

            2. Storage

VII. Skin Anatomy

        A. Composition Layers 

        B. Heaing Process of skin and its cures

        C. Disease disorders and conditions

            1. Infection

            2. Herpes

            3. Moles, Warts, Freckles

            4. Psoriasis, eczema

            5. Reactions

VIII. Machine Theory

        A. Reiew Machine (device) for technical aspects

            1. Operation & Maintenance

            2. Use of Speed Pressure Angle

            3. Trouble Shooting

        B. Evaluate capabilities of device

        C. Only one type of device will be taught at fundamental level

IX.  Needles

         A. Appropiate Needle selection and applications

             1. Groups, Numbers configurations

         B. How mechanically used in the skin

         C. Maintenance

             1. Check for damage

             2. Storage and Disposable

             e. Preparation for Sterilization of needles & equipment                                         

X.  Photography

         A. Rationale

         B. Equipment & Methods

             1. Clarity

             2. Presentation

XI.  Aftercare

          A. Client Follow Up

          B. Forms & Instructions to provide

XII. Procedure- Experience

         Complete Two of each procedures:

          eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and beauty marks

           A. Review Issues, Discuss

                1. Facial Morphology

                2. Variations

            B. Work on Practice Skin

            C. Observe Procedures

            D. Hands On Live Model Work

XIII. Business Set up

             A. Basic Business and marketing Guide

             B. Legal Requirements

             C. Insurance Liabilities

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